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Horseshoe Creek Outfitters Ltd has taken top awards for Mule deer, Whitetail, Elk, and Black Bear
many years in a row at the Northern BC Guides Awards Evening.


2014 started out with successful spring bear hunting. We had four weeks of hunters booked and all clients saw lots of bears. Many colour variations as well, which is normal for our spring hunts. G. Tunal harvested a very large Grizzly, surprising many old time guides and outfitters by the size of skull and wearing of the teeth. He was a big boar, definitely on the decline. Tunal also harvested a good black wolf. Kish & Warlick were up again from TN and Kish harvested two giant Black Bears, and if you look at this years pictures you'll see his coloured bear, which he was especially pleased about.

Clients from TX & ND harvested some big bears with one being #1 Black Bear in the Northern BC Guides annual competition. Peter & his buddies from NY had another great trip, harvesting some great Blacks & some great memories. Peter is an extended member of the family & was great to finally get son Luke here this summer as well. The boys had lots of marshmallows, sunshine & campfire fun. Jackson had the opportunity to take son Ben to the Yukon on a Dall Sheep hunt this time instead of just a family visit. He guided friend M. Lynn and his son Graham to a successful harvest with North Curl Outfitters. I think Ben & Graham will be anxious to return to the Yukon in 2015. Mack Watson of North Curl may have a hard time keeping Ben away, as usual he preferred the horses to glassing all day.

Fall Elk hunts went well for some and was hard for others due to the warm weather. R. Kirk & C. Gouker harvested some really nice bulls. In early October it had cooled & snowed which made for better hunting for the Gasquet family from LA. JF took home the # 3 Elk for 2014. T. Love was up again on his annual pilgrimage from TX to harvest a really nice Moose. Ricky & David were here mid October, but unfortunately the weather didn't co-operate and Elk went nocturnal. David's brother Paul was great to have in camp & supplied us with some of the nicest scenery pictures with not a dead animal to be found.

Oct 31 I picked up Steuert & Collins to guide on a goat hunt with Tracks BC south of the Peace, harvesting two big Billies in record time. However, while we were there Gary took a call that our bunkhouse/hunting lodge had burned to the ground. (see a photo at the bottom of this page) Actually, by the time I raced home two hours later, I got to watch the dying embers fade into the night. So much lost, it was a pretty hard blow for our family. Good thing, no one was in it at the time, so no one was hurt. Sharon was able to re-group within a day or so, including buying new beds & groceries, and organizing the basement bedrooms to house all our deer hunters comfortably. By the time I got back with the hunters, you'd think it was a walk in the park. We spent the rest of the season looking at the charred remains. Most of November was pretty darn cold, but Steuert & Collins got some great deer with Collins taking home a #1 Whitetail & Steuert a #2 Mule Deer. Collins was looking for any excuse to avoid the cold, but he prevailed! We'd like to thank these two for being such gracious guests in such a difficult time, you couldn't ask for more undemanding & understanding people to host. The second week, D Campbell practiced some of that Horseshoe luck & got the #1 Muledeer and #2 Whitetail for 2014. Bennie & daughter Larissa got three great bucks between them and though they weren't used to our northern cold, they got out there every day with a smile on their face. What a great pair to have around, we hope they return.

Anderson brought seafood again on the last hunt and spoiled us all rotten daily with great meals. After getting two really good bucks last year, he only managed to harvest one Great Mulie in exchange. But what an exchange, to be gut sprung on oysters, shrimp & salmon! Sharon really enjoyed Larissa & Kelly as she doesn't get to visit much with the female species during the season. Much laughter ensued!

In closing we'd like to thank all who offered help in so many forms, after the fire. You guys are truly inspirational to this family. Many were as upset as we about the loss, and you shared your memories of your times there. We've got plans to create a picture wall, so have asked for any and all pictures you may want to contribute. We have plans to rebuild, and we'll be up & ready for the spring season. We have a couple that wants to Honeymoon here, so we better have plans!! Thanks again to a great group of guides without which we wouldn't be so confident in offering a trophy hunting experience. Steven, Clint, Jeff & Scott are all very knowledgeable guides you'd want to spend a week with. Each year we do our best to put on a great experience for our clients, and each year you in turn provide us with countless memories that we treasure. We look forward to the future, to the times we'll share with people we've never met as well as the old friends we'll share memories with. At the new LODGE. With Jackson's WHISKEY, if David can find him more. A new place to share old memories. It'll be great. And we'll put pictures up as we proceed. The pilings go in this week!


Ray & Sharon