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Horseshoe Creek Outfitters, the Jacksons, Hudson's Hope, BC, Canada

Working in the Hunting Business was something that I had dreamed of as a child. Guiding clients has been a very satisfying vocation and lifestyle. I'm able to hunt for months on end, to be in on the chase & feel that adrenalin rush with each client that harvests an animal. My first hunting season with my Dad that I was allowed my own tag, I hunted all season for that one big buck. I didn't harvest a buck that year. My father and brother couldn't understand why I would pass over buck after buck when deer where in abundance. I was waiting on a big one! I also had an Uncle who was always travelling and used to bring me back books from those trips. I would dream of going north and seeing big game animals. I read Jack London's; White Fang as well as Call of the Wild. These books gave added inspiration to a young man's dreams.

I guess growing up in Mississippi with its wealth of game and length of seasons was a great start to becoming a trophy hunter. As soon as I finished college I was on the road for Montana where I got my first Guiding job. I did that for a few years learning the ropes on packing both Mules and Horses, while learning how to take care of a client. I began to work in the oil patch in winters which allowed me to quit and go back to guiding each fall. In my late 20's a friend and I began our own Guide Service out of Casper, WY where I was living at the time. My son Tucker was a great companion as a little guy on our many mountain treks.

Horseshoe Creek Outfitters, the Jacksons, Hudson's Hope, BC, Canada

I had given up the partnership with Ray when I was asked by a friend if I would consider helping out breaking some horses up in the Dawson Creek area of BC. I had been to Canada a bit, but only in the capacity of an oil patch worker, so the opportunity was a go for me! It was a great experience, one that allowed me to understand the Canadian obsession with the Stanley Cup.

Sharon and I met in Nashville in 1987 at a Sheep Show Convention. It was her first trip to the U.S. and I convinced her to marry me the following summer. By December of the same year we were married, and I was excited in hopes that I could begin my Canadian guiding career. We lived and worked in the Yukon for the first three years we were married. I guided for Dave Young in the S,W. Corner of the Yukon, and Sharon cooked for him as well - replacing three camp cooks as she was so organized and provide such great fare!

We moved to the North Peace country in 1990, living first at Bear Flats on the Peace River for seven years then moving to our current place in 1996/97. We purchased our Hunting Concession from Tom Vince in 1992 and hunted from Bear Flat for a few years. We are one of the few Outfitters left who actually resides in their hunting country. The primary reason for purchasing this property was that the location allows us to travel on secondary roads up to our mountain base camp. This would enable our clients to begin hunting at the ranch and continue all the way into our mountain country without leaving the concession. This location completely changed the hunt I was able to offer. We now had a prime location within good game populations and as they say, everything is about location!

We have enjoyed Hudson's Hope now for 20 years. Our son Ben was born here, and is now 16 and an avid roper and hunter. We hope that he and Tucker both continue to enjoy the outdoors for a lifetime as we have. I particularly enjoy seeing the game all year round, patterning them and working hard to maintain healthy populations. Being able to have a client sight an animal for the first time and tell them that I've been watching that animal for sometime, is a great plus in this business. I have clients that return here year after year. I give these people 100% effort each and every day. That's the way I hunt and it's the reason so many come back. We've seen many a personality go through these doors, and though we only take a few at a time we've enjoyed 95% of our clients. I don't talk much, but I do know how to hunt and how to get the most challenged hunters on game. I had the most wonderful compliment this season from a young fellow who came for the first time. I asked him why he wanted to hunt with me. He said he wanted his own outfit and wanted to hunt with the best. Everyone he talked to pointed to me. After a lifetime of guiding, that was a compliment I most appreciate.

As business owners, Sharon and I have a common goal in everything we do. Do it right, do it well, or don't bother. Sharon takes care of the ranch and office to the best of her ability. I take care of the clients to the best of mine. We have staff that we absolutely trust to work hard for each and every person that shows up. We'll give you good lodging, good transportation, great taxidermy ready preparation and above all an honest effort each day you're here with us.

I hope your priorities for a hunting excursion match ours and you can come see what hunting in our 'Neck of the Woods' is like. We wish you good luck and good hunting and may the harvest be the bonus.

Horseshoe Creek's Top Guide - Jeff Baher

Horseshoe Creek Outfitters, the Jacksons, Hudson's Hope, BC, Canada

Jeff Baher is a top guide! He was born and raised in the outfitting business and has guided in BC, and the NWT. He is one of the top notch people in the business in Northern BC. Every year he has placement in the top three awards, usually in more than one category. His love of guiding and hunting is his passion.

Some of the best big game hunting in Northern BC is right here in Horseshoe Creek's hunting area. Here is a link to a page on each one of the species available to harvest in this area.
Mule Deer     Elk     Whitetail Deer     Black Bear     Moose     Grizzly Bear     Wolf

The Halfway River is our eastern boundary, The Chowade River our northern, and the Peace our southern. The Graham river flows out of the Rockies through the middle of the country and dumps into the Halfway. These rivers all add to the availability of big game.


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